Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website, SujitKSingh.com.

My name is Sujit K. Singh. I have a passion for technology, gadgets, and automobiles. I started my career back in 1995 by assisting my first mentor, Mr. Jainath Jha, with assembling and fixing computers. It was great fun spending time with those 286 machines, playing Dave and other DOS-based games.

Very soon, I realized the graphical capabilities of Windows 95. (I believe I was the first person in the city to have Windows 95 installed.)

I began finding ways to support my father. I learned to design visiting cards and letterheads using ALDUS PageMaker and CorelDraw. It was really enjoyable creating various designs.

Within 2-3 years, just after my own business started competing with many printing houses in the city, I found a great book called ‘Let Us C’ by the esteemed Mr. Y. Kanitkar. It was an interesting book, though some of the programming concepts were difficult to understand.

I am very grateful to Mr. Ashutosh Sinha (Ashu), who used to visit my computer center to spend time surfing the Internet. Mr. Sinha explained the basics of programming to me, sharing his knowledge. He also helped me understand more about Object-Oriented Programming and suggested I read a C++ book by Mr. Bala Guruswamy.

The topic was so interesting that I finished those books many times. I used to discuss these things with many students from the local engineering college, and very soon, I ended up providing tuition to a few of them.

It looks quite funny now, and I always wonder how I managed to teach technical subjects to people who were more qualified and supposedly more technically adept than I was.

But that was how I was learning and progressing, and my journey to learn new things began around 1997.

It has been a great journey so far, involving coding, debugging, and analysis using FoxBASE, Visual Basic, C++, Java, and .NET. Now, I can say it will take me only a few days to start with any new technology.

I will be using this website as my online presence and a central repository of all my learning, articles, tutorials, etc.


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  1. Santosh says:

    Just stumbled on your blog.. I still remember that you opened my first email account and taught me how to use the internet. 🙂

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