I was never a book lover or good reader of books. I always wonder to hear how people are passionate about books and that is not only for fiction, thriller etc but Management, Leadership, Philosophy etc.

I am very thankful to Prism Club initiative of Mastek which gives me opportunity to start reading again.

Again, because I was a good reader of Hindi Novels written by Vedprakash Sharma, Surendra Mohan Pathak. There was time when I read all the novel by Mr. Pathak and Mr. Sharma.

Once I started my professional journey, neither I got some time nor any opportunity to buy such book to read. In my opinion, any book whether it is a novel or story or anything it gives lot of knowledge. Sometime you realize about what you are gaining and sometime not. I learned all my literature and ‘hindi’ skills from novels.

I even learned lots of english from emails sent to me by various people, from internet based articles, blogs etc.

The moment I started reading ‘Imaginging India’ by Mr. Nilekani, I realized that the reader inside me gets excited to learn things while reading. I started loving reading.
Next book ‘Good to great’ might not be great book by critics or many other great peoples, but for me this is being proved to be a really ‘great’ book. Sometime I found there are many things of my own experience and findings are explained in the book.

This is really a great book and I would suggest reading this every person who is going to work in any organisation.

Believe me, this will give you what you are looking for. Every time you read this book you will get another view of things going on around.


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